Custom Bandcamp design for hardcore/punk band “KASTETE”


KASTETE | hardcore/punk

Custom Bandcamp design for hardcore/punk band KASTETE (Riga, Latvia).


About KASTETE – As fast as the speed of light, as direct as a punch with brass knuckles! Here comes KASTETE, Latvian hardcore punk band, to present their first tangible album Ideju Impērija (Empire of Ideas) containing all songs ever recorded since 2009.

KASTETE is presenting 13 fast and simple-to-the-core songs by shouting out a call to struggle for better life and values, to believe in oneself and fight against ignorance that is around in this not completely adequate society.

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Blurring the lines of classical music…

Mans pēdējā laika atklājums mūzikā Project Trio. Paldies jāsaka, jo meklējot tagu flutebox (noteikti daudzi jau redzējuši Nathan “Flutebox” Lee un Beardyman performanci YouTube neaptveramajos plašumos, ja ne- zemāk skatāms arī šis video) uzdūros šim amerikāņu trio – Greg Pattillo /flauta/, Eric Stephenson /čells/ un Peter Seymour /bass/.

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PROJECT Trio is a passionate, high energy chamber music ensemble comprised of three virtuosic composer/performers from Brooklyn, NY. Blending their classical training with an eclectic taste in musical styles, PROJECT Trio has made an impact on audiences of all ages. Bursting onto the scene with their landmark videos, right out of the internet generation, PROJECT Trio is a musical experience defining a new level of entertainment!

PROJECT Trio is a musical experience not to be missed….